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Vendor Relations

Vendors working on location require a Master Service Agreement (MSA) and Certificate of Insurance (COI) on file with Oxley Energy. Please contact the Houston corporate office for further information.

A W-9 is required for all vendors to be approved for payment.

Oxley will reject invoices if the following guidelines are not met:

  • Signed field tickets are required if working on location or delivering products to location and must be attached to the invoice
  • Invoice number and invoice date
  • Service date
  • Complete description of work done, or product purchased
  • Complete well name, property location, or gathering location (where appropriate)
  • AFE number (if applicable)
  • Bid award sheet (if applicable)
  • Other service-specific items

Invoices along with required attachments must be submitted via email to or mail to Oxley Energy, LLC, P.O. Box 19545, Houston, Texas 77224.

Failure to comply with Oxley’s invoicing requirements will delay payment.

Should you have any questions, please email or complete the contact form below.

Oxley Energy, LLC
Attn: Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 19545
Houston, Texas 77224
Phone: 713.467.6427

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